Goldsprint Gear

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Goldsprint Gear

This small device has everything you need to organize, handle, and enjoy Goldsprint races. You can setup events, register racers, and measure sprints with precise sensors and timers. All data and functions can be accessed through a really nice web surface. You can also share your local results with the world, by syncronizing it to our central database.


You do not need direct connection between your Goldsprint Gear and your computer. You only have to connect throgh wifi, and everything is ready.

Runs everywhere

No matter if you have Windows, OS X, or Linux Goldsprint Gear has a nice web application, so you do not need any additional software.

Large Storage

Goldsprint Gear can easily store hundreds of thounsands of your recrods, so you do not have worry about exporting and deleting them.

Up to 4 bikes

Goldsprint Gear can handle races up to 4 participants, with standard 3.5 mm steroe jack input cables connected to your sensors on the bikes.


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We Are dedicated

Levente Porcsin, three times Goldsprint world champion will do everything to make this sport more reachable. With the idea of Goldsprint Gear we made up this small, but devoted team. We hope you will enjoy using our product.

Team Member

Levente Porcsin


Team Member

Bálint Balina



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