The Team

Levente Porcsin, J.D.

Lawyer, European and International Business LL.M., 4 times Goldsprint World Champion, ex-bike messenger, roamer.

Hello there! I was born as a premature baby, because I have so much to do in this lifetime. I have been categorized as a moveaholic since my childhood. I tried many different sports, and I tried to practice each of them at the highest level possible. This might be the reason I spent so much time in the school’s first aid room, but that never broke me down. When I was in primary school, I loved ball games and playing in teams, like football and basketball. One of my best friends introduced me to cycling, when I was in secondary school. I fell in love with all types of cycling from hardtrail machines to roadies. As there’s no such thing as a Bike University in Hungary I went to law school, and graduated as juris doctor. I also received a Master’s Degree in European and International Business Law, and I would like to make a PhD in Sport Law. As a team we complement each other with Bálint: he is the ace, the backup and I am the frontman, the two-legged goldsprint man.

I am the kind of person who either rides, thinks about, or dreams about bikes 24/7. I am eternally grateful for this sport, because it drove me to travel around the world, and win several national and international races in Goldsprint. Not to mention all of the awesome people I’ve met during my career.

Bálint Balina

Engineer, developer, hobby cyclist, beer pong player, married.

Hey, nice to meet you!I’ve always had a mathematical mind, I was very young when I knew that I wanted to be an engineer.  Following this dream was one of the best decisions of my life, I enjoy every moment of being a developer for a living at daylight and as a hobby at night. After only the first year of the university I started working as a trainee in half time. It took 6 months to gain enough experience for moving on to the next level, where I met the ZenHeads, a team of extremely good minds and professionals. Ever since, I’m working with them on a regular basis, besides becoming a contractor and leading the engineering team of Goldsprint Gear. I find myself familiar with all sort of technologies, and programming languages – make it backend, frontend or even mobile. With Levi we make a  really good team, while most of the time our responsibilities are separated, we make all business decisions together.

Let it snow♪, let it rain I always take the bike over public transportation. Sometimes, when I find the opportunity, I take greater tours, make it a few hundred kilometers. When the beer pong season starts at September, you can always find me on the National Beerpong League’s weekly events on Thursdays. Being the luckiest young man alive, I started dating a hot chick back in high school and after more than six years together she is my wife now.